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Our online Web-based mass text messaging software leads the SMS marketing industry in ease-of-use, features, and cost-per-message.


Home to everything that your bussiness needs.

SMS Platform

Text2Cell is dedicated to providing platform and enterprise solutions exclusively for SMS marketers.With Our platform , you will have the tools for mobile marketing services for Retail Business, Food Service, Appointment Based Business and many More! 


Reach your audience wherever they go using our Text Messaging System. Quickly upload contacts, send mass SMS, and track results. Engage your audience using a variety of mobile tools. Automatically make your messages personaized and relevant.

Advance Loyalty Program......

Our Loyalty Program is Kiosk based and a great way to engage customers. Clients can use them to opt-in to a SMS list and start receiving offers and updates or special discounts. 


Send digital coupons through SMS, Email, and Social Media. Coupons can be tracked individually or shared amongst customers. Get the power of a Mobile Rewards Program, free from bulky paper cards.

Custom Ad Design

Colorful flyers are an eye-catching power 

Whether you're launching a new product or promoting an event, promotional flyers are all you need. You can insert them as a promo in your next text message campaign.


Bring in new customers and keep buyers informed with customized flyers that market upcoming events. These flyers let you post your company information on walls, windows and local bulletin boards with ease.


Web Design & Mobile Site

Save thousands in development costs.

Establishing a web presence and effectively marketing your website, once it is online, can take hours or even days of researching different services such as; website designers, developers, website hosting, online marketing, SEO experts, logo designers, link builders, article writers and so on.


Here at Text2Cell, we offer all these web design services and more, so there is no need to use several web design companies. Your business and mobile Site will be fully designed and hosted from our end.

What retails are looking for ?


  • Bring in more first-time shoppers

  • Increase repeated customer visits

  • Bring in shoppers during slow periods

  • Automatically collect customer contact information

  • Update customers about new products and sales




What we can offer..............


  • Mobile text offers, email newsletters, social media posts

  • Mobile Coupons & sign-up keywords

  • Online sign-up pages, Facebook sign-up page

  • Mobile text updates, email newsletters, social media posts

Acquiring and keeping customers are more difficult than ever before for small businesses. Small businesses everywhere are looking for new ways to increase the effectiveness of their marketing to strengthen their customer relationships. Infact, Text2Cell enables them to engage more personally and cheaply than ever before with their customers.


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