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Text Messaging Solutions That Meet Your Industry's Needs

Real Estate

Allow interested buyers to text for info and get an automatic text reply with a link to property information. Send text alerts for new listings, just sold announcements or price drops.

Service Providers

Use text messaging to gather leads who are interested in your service or would like a free estimate. Launch SMS marketing campaigns that strengthen customer relationships and loyalty.

Event Mangers

Generate leads at trade shows, exhibitions and conferences from anybody who texts your keyword at your booth or during speeches.


Send text notifications to parents, teachers and students as part of your school safety plan. Or use group texting to send reminders for non-urgent matters like PTA meetings or sports leagues.


Manage internal communications more effectively by sending out group text messages. Distribute internal surveys, reach remote staff and send reminders.


Collect leads of potential job hires or prospective students. Promote your SMS keyword at job fairs and college campuses.

Professional Services

Generate leads for services like insurance, accounting, or law by promoting your keyword for information.

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