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We have been given many compliments as to how easy our iPhone and Android apps are to update. The word on the street is that if you can edit a document, you can update and manage your own app through our platform. That is great to hear, since simple app management is the goal.


On the other hand, we have gotten numerous client requests to manage their app for them as they are focused on other small business tasks such as new business or product development. We heard those clients needs and are proud to now offer Full Service app management via the App Concierge.

App Concierge

The crux of this service is that you can just call or email us with any app updates you need done to your app and our team will handle them on your behalf. The other great benefit is that our team will review your app quarterly and make changes to keep your app fresh and engaging for your users. We will also republish your app once a year to ensure that your app always has the latest software so that your users get the most out of your app experience.

What’s Included?

1. Submit content change requests whenever you like and our support team will implement
2. Annual re-publish of your app with iTunes and Google
3. Annual re-fresh of your app graphics
4. Quarterly app review by the MMF team
5. Quarterly app consultations for you with one of our team members, to add any new features, learn how to use current features, or edit any current features
6. Unlimited phone and email support

Sounds good right? You still call the shots but have a highly talented team that can execute your needs and initiatives for you.

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